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Post  xMRJAYx on Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:39 pm

Advance Days
We advance Tues > Thurs> Sun at 10pm est
Comish: The_Sizzler
CoComish: xxMrJayxx
CoComish: DDT

1. No Glitching, Nanoing, or Rocket catching
2. No constant no huddles, you can but not every play. Under 2min in half no huddle is allowed. A few times a drive is ok but dont abuse it!!!
3. MUST Mix up playcalling, even on defense
4. No going for it on 4th down unless past the 50 yrd line with 1yrd or less to go, down by 21, or down in 4th quarter
5. No going for 2pt conv. unless down by 21, or down in 4th quarter
6. If you quit, you are automatically booted, no exceptions
7. If game happens to d/c b4 2nd half, you must restart with same score

Trading & FA
If you are new to the Lg you must wait 2 weeks before you can trade!!!
1. You get 6 trades per year
2. MUST post all trades on website and wait for Commish to approve them
3. NO SIGN/RELEASE TRADES wut so ever!
4. Trade Deadline is Week 8
5. You can sign 2 FA's the first Week of every season.
6. You may only sign ONE FA per week

When you trade I want to see the following things:
1. Player name
2. Position
3. Overall Rating
4. Pot
5. Age

Trade Committee
The_Sizzler (Comish)
xMrJayX (Asst Comish)
Ddt928 (Moderator)

Need three Votes to approve all trades

Communication / Scheduling Games
-It is your responsibility to schedule your games and get them done on time. You will have up until the day before to make contact with your opponent. If not, you will be booted.
-If you have tried to contact ur opp. multiple times w/ no response, and its the day of advance. You MUST let me know, so i can temp. boot them. If not i will have no clue, and it will get automatically simmed.

Quitting & Connection Issues
-No quitting. Take a loss like a man. I understand disconnections happen. Please report all D/C to Commissioner. If problem is persistent with a certain member then they will be booted.
-If a game has accidently or purposefully been d/c for any reason BEFORE the 2nd half, the game must be restarted with the same score and time u left off with before. (only exception is if the winning team wants a fresh start)

Trading Picks
Picks can be traded only rounds 1-2 and 3 again all trades must be approved by commish and staff

Strike System
1. Warning
2. Booted

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